12 June 2020

Black Lives Matter rally in Melbourne, (AAP Image/James Ross)

Black Lives Matter rally in Melbourne, (AAP Image/James Ross)




The Police Accountability Project, run by the Flemington Kensington Community Legal Centre is united in its support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and people across the world fighting to dismantle a justice system which is inherently racist and discriminatory.


We pledge solidarity and support to the work of Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR), the many families of those killed in custody and the wider Black Lives Matter movement.  We recognise the courage, experience, resilience and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led organisations like WAR, VALS and Djirra.

We urge community members to actively and financially support the family and Indigenous-led campaign work to end Aboriginal Deaths in custody:

Stop Black Deaths in Custody

Justice for Tanya Day

Justice for David Dungay Junior

Change the Record Campaign

We acknowledge that meaningful change will only occur when movements are Indigenous led and grounded in justice, healing, human rights and truth-telling.






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